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X-Transmits MX-IV Abaddon (Galvatron)

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X-Transmits MX-IV Abaddon (Galvatron)

  • Model: 1049391
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by daimchoc, Aug 15, 2015. Page 1 of 541 & larr; DaimChocReportsTwitter: Daim_ChocYouTube: daimchocUpdate: 20150815c / o 539Designs - X You need to be logged in to post a comment. -Transfers: Abaddon by 539Designs on DeviantArtJust a note from 539Designs via Deviantart regarding X-Transbots toys MV-IV Abaddon and MV-V DanteAbaddon and Dante by 539Designs on DeviantArt "That feeling you get when you're being chased by a pack of rabid dogs and you just want to turn around and bark back. smile emoticonNot to mix metaphors but I definitely feel like the tortoise in this breed. With respects to Maketoys and Dx9toys, these latest reveals were in progress way earlier this year. Anyway, good luck and all the best with your projects. At least our mutual friends have choices. smile emoticon 'Click to expand ... Attached Files: a>> 11874424_10204620960501098_1579366327_o.jpgFile size: 93.3 KBViews: 26,831

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