X-Transbots Not MP Dreadwind & amp; Darkwing Speculation Thread

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X-Transbots Not MP Dreadwind & amp; Darkwing Speculation Thread

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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' Started by Primeconvoy1, Apr 22, 2015.Page 1 of 212Next> Primeconvoy1, Apr 22, 2015 # 1Primeconvoy1Cybertronian BrokerJoined: Jul 1, 2002Posts: 6,002News Credits: 5Trophy Points: 337Likes: + 980Ebay: primeconvoy1I did not see a thread touching on this subject. (I'll have the title changed if something official is announced). According to Cyclonus, Scourge, and some Sweeps, Jersey is the only one to be released. The jets appear to resemble G1 Powermaster Dreadwind and Darkwing.No official announcement has been made yet, but given that the other characters depicted are planned, I would imagine they will be coming.Does anybody else want to see these two made into Masterpiece figures? If they do make them, I hope they have the combined vehicle gimmick incorporated. I usually had my G1 versions in that fashion! Thoughts?

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