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UniqueToys SoundMixer (Blaster)

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UniqueToys SoundMixer (Blaster)

  • Model: 967097
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by hailstarscream, Oct 11, 2013.Page 1 of 331 & larr; 23456 33Next Hierstarscream, Oct 11, 2013 # 1hailstarscreamUNICRONIANJoined: Apr 25, 2009Posts: 2,025News Credits: 1Trophy Points: 172Likes: + 2Ebay: Turlus0072Was at NYCC today and saw these. I know Galvatron has been posted to the BLASTER has been. The guy had it at the table for a bit and since it could not transform him all the way to robot mode he put it away. They are both about travel size. Sorry for bad phone pics.Mods: If this has been posted please delete. Thank you.Attached Files: a "> IMAG0111a.jpgFile size: 453.3 KBViews: 472

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