Question for non third party supporters

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Question for non third party supporters

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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by s_cren, Nov 1, 2012.Page 1 of 71234567Next & gt; s_cren, Nov 1, 2012 # 1s_crenBannedJoined: Jun 27, 2009Posts: 669Trophy Points: 101Likes: + 0So ive seen people in the forums say they are only licesned product all they way and that they dont wont every thing a third party item, my question is why? i mean i understnad not liking a figure based on something about the actual figure but it seems that to deprive yourself of some of the best stuff we have transformed fans have had kind of a shame. I saw on that they guy there doesnt post about third party stuff anymore when he used to, i find it hard to believe that supporters who like third party items as figures but just because they are not "official". So what do you think?

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