Question for KO Mirage owners

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Question for KO Mirage owners

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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by johnchow604, Jul 7, 2012 # 1johnchow604Well-Known MemberJoined: Jan 2, 2011Posts: 586News Credits: 3Trophy Points: 147Location: Surrey, BCLikes: + 101I've heard good things about the KO Mirage. This review by 'e3nine' from 2007 - & gt; has pics comparing it to the original and the KO has a better painted face and better overall paint applications. For various reasons, I got the impression the KO was better than the original.However, this review from 2010- & gt; K.O. Transformers Mirage Comparison "ukBrawn's blogs the KO's eyes," wrap around the head too, making it look almost like a visor. This problem is not present in the first review. KO Mirage is one of the world's most prestigious KO companies.

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