Quakewave: Now This is a Transformer toy

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Quakewave: Now This is a Transformer toy

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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' Started by icewolf74, Dec 5, 2013.Page 1 of 212Next> Icewolf74, Dec 5, 2013 # 1icewolf74Well-Known MemberJoined: Jul 28, 2012Posts: 520Trophy Points: 112Likes: + 12I just got this I'm having flashbacks of when they were back in the 80s. Quakewave is probably the heaviest figure I own now. He is such an awesome throwback to the G1 Shockwave and probably a better version of the G1 toy too. So much fun in a single toy. Quakewave is why I love Transformers, even for a 3rd party figure, because of awesome figures like him. I just do not understand why Takara / Hasbro can not create figures like this anymore but yet 3rd party companies can? Seems pretty ridiculous that 3rd party companies take more pride in the Transformer label than Takara / Hasbro does; although Takara does great work on their masterpiece figures. Everything else starting with the Michael Bay Transfomer line sucks though.Thanks to all that posted great pics and recommendations of this figure. He's great and probably my favorite masterpiece / 3rd party collection. I can not wait to show my brother who enjoys marveling over my Transformers toys for his 80's Gi Joe toys (we're both kids at heart being in our late-thirties.

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