Q & A (AMA) with Former 3P Employee

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Q & A (AMA) with Former 3P Employee

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    Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by archieboy, Jan 7, 2014.Page 1 of 121 & larr; 23456 12Next Archieboy, Jan 7, 2014 # 1archieboyWell-Known MemberJoined: Oct 10, 2011Posts: 6,914News Credits: 42Trophy Points: 247Rent: Hong KongLikes: + 1,100Found this on 4chan. It's still on going, so just follow the thread here for updates.Here's the Q & A in a more intelligible form, with most of the bullshit thrown out. A very interesting read (if you're interested in how things go behind the scenes) from a very well known 3P company anything.AnonymousSo, why is it all G1 shit? I realize it sells, but with the MPs and classics, you figure out the year gets smaller and smaller. What's the point in releasing a predication after it being 2 or 3 others, or a Metroplex after the generations? OPPeople buying 3P products likes it more than the other lines.AnonWhat's the point in releasing a predication after it being either 2 or 3 gold a Metroplex after the generations one? OPCompanies usually do not talk a lot to other ones about their projects until they have a concrete to show, that usually means a lot of money and time have already been invested. By releasing their products they hope to at least get back what they invested. Same can be said about that Metroplex, it was probably in the works way before Hasbro revealed theirs.AnonWhy was you fired? man? OP? quot The boss? keeps lying to us about how the company is not making that much money so he can not pay us as much as we were promised. Turned out I found out he's making a lot more than what he said, I told him and he did not like it. (About this pic posted with the first post) probably fuckhuge.OPIt's leader sized.AnonHmmm that's not too bad. Is the city mode any good? OPI never saw the city mode. Actually, I have no information about that figure except for its size, I used it as OP just because it's one of the few upcoming 3P product I actually like.AnonWhat did you in this company and what's in the pipeline? is prolly a commissioner. Let's just say I did what the boss was supposed to do (except making big decisions) because he was too busy with his main business. As for what's in the pipeline: from the company I was working with, not much that's not already announced / teased. CHUG dinos and Ultra Magnus, that's about it. From other companies, there's too much to list everything.AnonHow much / what kind of decision process goes into figuring out which characters to produce next.I ask because of many companies like to look at similar things at the same time, Constructicons, Predacons, etcOPSome companies use toy boards (especially chinese ones) to learn about what the fans want, some other just work on what they like.Also, there's this guy owning several companies. People (some stores too) send him completed designs and if he likes them, he produces them.Anonhow well are suggestions received or happen? OPSmart suggestions are usually well received. Most people can not differentiate a good idea from their personal taste.AnonYet one 3rd party canceled a near finished MP soundwave as soon as an official release was announced.OPFT they would not get their money back, their product was close to the official one and the most people would choose the real deal.Anon / OP & gt; Are you American, European, Asian or other? I'm living in Asia. Yes but more and more americans are getting into it. & Gt; apparently MMC wIf you have a question about MMC, you should know what you are doing. In fact, TFC announced their pre-release of a few months after that.OP (Re: stupid fan suggestions) Addon kits that would MP4, MP4, MPEG, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MP4, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, MPG, MPEG, MPEG, MPEG, for one of the Prime Starscreams be considered ****** ed to you? OPThe concept is not retarted. The problem is not always the concept, for example, suggesting that idea to Dr.Wu could be smart, suggesting it to FansToys or ToyWorld is completely ****** ed like suggesting pizza recipes to Hasbro.AnonHow about original idea gold what could you do with a kick starter like bmog? BMOG will not last long.AnonHow much people do you have working in house? I'm assuming you're some form of chinamese so it has to be shit.Any idea how much profit you get form a single figure sale? I'm guessing every 3P just jacks up the prices because geewunners are ****** ed enough to pay for them in the first place.OPWe were 5, not sure if they're 4 or 3 now, colleague got into the same argument with the boss. Work environment, well, I worked most of the time on the phone or internet, gathered with the other 4 from time to time at the boss' office, and visited some factories (one of them is pretty shitty though, I definitely wouldn 't work there) .You're guessing wrong about the jacked up prices, we make less than Hasbro. Hasbro's profit is around 25-30% of MSRPna 10%. Retailers are the ones jacking the prices up so much.AnonSounds like your typical get-rich-quick scheme that unites and eventually destroys a circle of friends. Did you personally know any of these people beforehand? How'd you land the job? What were your responsibilities? Two of them (including the one I knew) were friends of the boss before the whole 3P thing started.The person I knew online about a few years ago. I helped him for free at several occasions, one day he said I was interested. My responsibilities were pretty much making sure everything went as planned: making sure the designers keep their deathlines, getting the best prices from factories, convince them not to KO our stuff and keep the delay to a minimum (let's be honest, 3P are too small business for factories to really care, and they do not make enough money with us) and such.AnonAre you in China? OPHKAnonCan you give opinions (and any bad stories) about some of the 3P companies like FP, MMC, iGear, Maketoys, etc? OPI never had contact with MakeToys, I know the guy worked for FP at first and that he's japanese (most of FP is chinese) but that's about it. Everyone I had contact with from FP were cool guys, very friendly with other companies and they're very anal about the physical quality of their products, especially their boss, but they're probably the slowest company of all them, it's been in the work for like 3 years or something. MMC also cares a lot about their finished products and what the customer wants but they are not as honest as they do not want to look like the good guys and when something is wrong, it's never their fault. Actually, MMC is still a small group, they only started making money with Hexatron and FR, they do not have much money assome more and more. iGear is one of the fastest and fastest mobile phones available in the world. AnonWhat's the workflow when designing and pushing a new toy to market? If you want to know more about this project, please contact us at: designers, designers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, can start. Teasers, offering the products to retailers and so forth, we have enough to show & quot; which I think is stupid since we offered the product to retailers once then learned from the factory the final product would cost more than what we estimated it. We have not been able to make any changes to the original version of this article. Triplechanging Voyager Springer? (Depending on the answer to that one, we could actually figure out who was OP working for) OPWe did not like the FP one but we felt sorry for them because they just made a new run of the figure.

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