transformer Vice Heavy Grenade Launcher

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transformer Vice Heavy Grenade Launcher

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    Product Description
    Stun launcher. Damage Type: Physical [Spark], Firing Type: All-in.Ripraw's Vice Heavy Grenade Launcher fires Tungsten Grenades — shells packed with hard tungsten — which explode with a force that stuns anyone hit by them. Though it has an extremely long range and can deliver physical damage to the target's spark, it exhausts its power whenever it's fired, requiring a cooldown period while it recharges. Transformers UniverseRange: 8/8Shield Damage: 2/8Spark Damage: 4/8Tip: Use Tungsten Grenade to stun a group of bunched enemies. Fire it along with Support Strikes if there are allies amongst them, since it will fuel their S-techs, reduce their equipment cooldowns, and repair them.Retrieved from "" Categories: LaunchersTransformers Universe game weapons

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