transformer Rock Lord

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transformer Rock Lord

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    Rock Lords! Rocks that come alive! Rock Lords! Fighting to survive!In uncharted regions of the universe, creatures from Quartex sleep undisturbed by light or civilization. Though their dormant state may resemble common asteroids, this camouflage conceals their true ferocity. Feared by robots, their appetite for metal is matched only by their ferocious strength in battle. They are legend. They are... the Rock Lords!Contents1 Fiction1.1 Animated cartoon1.2 The Cool comic1.3 Ask Vector Prime1.4 Renegade Rhetoric1.4.1 Heroic Rock Lords1.4.2 Evil Rock Lords1.4.3 Rockasaurs2 Notes Fiction Animated cartoonAfter untold aeons of peaceful slumber, a cluster of Rock Lords was abruptly awakened by an unexpected, light-emitting intruder in their midst. No sooner did they swarm over the massive alien than it vanished. Still, the disturbance was not a complete disappointment: a moment later, a small but tasty-looking... thing appeared in the intruder's place, and was quickly devoured by the nearest Rock Lord.Sated, the devourer prepared to return to sleep, but was disturbed to find itself suddenly alone in an alien, gravity-bound environment. Even worse, light now constantly poured down on it from some new, horrible menace. Destroying everything in its path, it might have found an escape from this terrible place if it weren't for a tiny, irritatingly quick assailant that shattered the Rock Lord into hundreds of pieces. The three smaller Rock Lords that regenerated from its shattered body hardly stood a chance. TransWarped The Cool comicA Rock Lord battled Team Athenia somewhere in space, easily trouncing them until Rodimus got everyone working together to figure out its weakness and destroying it. The Cool Extra #2 Ask Vector PrimeThere were Rock Lords in the Xobitor universes too! Ask Vector Prime, 2015/06/02In the universe of Aurex 615.03 Epsilon, Maximals and Predacons took the form of Rock Lords as part of the "Colossus War" on Rock Planet. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/06/03Sideways boasts he's dated some "fem-rocks". Ask Sideways, 2015/07/05When Gong and Sideways mucked about with time and space, mixing up a Gargent world with a Primax universe circa 2005, the Rock Lords showed up in a universe in place of the Junkions. The evil warlord Magmar launched an attack on a combined Guardian/Autobot force and almost wiped them out, but Hot Rod and Kup had made contact with the goodie rocks under Boulder. These Rock Lords drove off Magmar's goons, allowing Major Mo and his Autobot/Guardians to head after Galvatron. Echoes and Fragments Renegade RhetoricCould you please tell me more about the inhabitants of Quartex, especially the Rock Lords and the Narlis? I want to learn about who they are, and about your encounters with them.No.Cy-Kill, Renegade Rhetoric (1), 2015/10/21Eons ago, a civilization of advanced, organic Ro-Beings on the planet Quartex were threatened by the stellar radiation from a nearby star. Their connection to nature and dislike of technology prompted them to hatch a plan: every living being would be fused with rock at the moment the radiation wave hit, turning them into living rocks. The process was imperfect, and almost all of the Rock Lords had forgotten who they once were. Several important battles in the conflict between Guardian and Renegade involved Rock Lords. The Combiner Wars which ultimately decided the conflict decisively for the Guardians involved a team up between the Renegades and the evil Rock Lords and the Guardians and the good Rock Lords. Renegade Rhetoric (2)When asked about the advantages of turning into an immobile rock, Cy-Kill admitted that he found the Rock Lords to be somewhat pathetic. Renegade Rhetoric (1), 2015/10/20 Heroic Rock Lords Name Alternate mode Profile Other notes Boulder Tungsten Boulder leads the heroic Rock Lords against the machinations of his mortal enemy Magmar. He's a good friend of Leader-1, and has aided the Guardians on plenty of adventures. On one notable escapade, he found himself fighting alongside the RoGuns in a joint effort to upset Magmar's Tumbler Tower and its power over plate tectonics. In the amalgam reality created by Sideways, Boulder and the Rock Lords filled in for Wreck-Gar and the Junkions. Nuggit Gold Unlike the other Rock Lords, Nuggit is a purely mechanical robot! The last surviving artifact of the original Ro-Being civilization, he possesses the ability to interface with the lost library of Clastixandria. In the wake of the final Renegade-Guardian conflict, he did just that, restoring the knowledge of the original Ro-Beings to the other Rock Lords and transforming Quartex into a paradise once more. Granite Take a guess. Granite is probably a fairly tough guy. In the amalgam reality, Granite was among the Rock Lords who ambushed the stranded Autobots and Guardians after they crash-landed on Quartex. Marbles Cristobalite A powerful psychic, Marbles possess the ability to see the future; when Magmar sprang a trap for Boulder's tribe of Rock Lords, Marbles was the only one who managed to see through the deception. He wound up working with the visiting RoGun Squirt, and the two ran up against Slimestone after discovering Magmar's plan to control the Tumbler Tower. In the amalgam reality created by Sideways and Gong, Marbles kissed Grimlock. Crackpot Azurite Crackpot is a bit of a goof, but he loves human culture. Boulder reluctantly allowed him to stage a Ned Dilettante concert in Quartex's Ingot Ampitheatre. When Magmar and the Renegades crashed the concert, Crackpot teamed up with Nick and the Guardians to set things right before Boulder even knew what had happened. Crackpot saved the day, thanks to a nearby heard of narlirhinos. Pulver-Eyes Dolomite Pulver-Eyes is big, slow, and a little uncouth, but that didn't stop Boulder from bringing him to Gobotron to formalize a peace treaty between the Rock Lords and Guardians. Don't mess with Pulver Eyes, or he'll... well.. you know. Solitaire Diamond Solitaire is one of the few surviving Jewel Lords. She's on good terms with Boulder, and on one occasion the two travelled to Gobotron to sign a peace treaty. She was present during the final conflict of the Renegade-Guardian war on Quartex, overseeing a cooperation treaty between Gobotron, Earth, and Quartex. After Leader-1 and Boulder were taken hostage after Cy-Kill's "Nemesis" combiner attacked, she briefly took command of the Guardians. In the aftermath she and Nuggit reactivated the original library of Clastixandria. Her name is a horrible pun. Flamestone Ruby Flamestone is another Jewel Lord. During Cy-Kill's Nemesis attack, Flamestone tangled with Terra-Roc. Sunstone Amber Sunstone's pompous attitude annoyed Turbo when the Guardians and heroic Rock Lords convened with UNECOM to sign a treaty, yet in the ensuing fight Turbo was glad to have Sunstone on his side during a Renegade attack; Sunstone fought against Spike Stone and teamed up with Turbo against nine other evil Rock Lords. Jaw Bone Combiner head The noble Jaw Bone leads the Fossil Lords, a sub-group of combining Rock Lords. He has a daughter named Ulna. When Cy-Kill sought to take advantage of the Fossil Lord's combining power, he took Ulna hostage and forced the Fossil Lords to attack UNECOM. Fortunately, Leader-1 managed to put things right, and after the Guardians had rescued Ulna, the Fossil Lords turned on Cy-Kill. The Fossil Lords didn't appear in Battle of the Rock Lords. Rib Cage Combiner chest Like the other Fossil Lords, Rib Cage was blackmailed into joining the Renegades until the Guardians saved the day. They appeared again to battle Monsterous during Cy-Kill's combiner attack on Quartex. Hip Bone Combiner legs Like the other Fossil Lords, Hip Bone was blackmailed into joining the Renegades until the Guardians saved the day. They appeared again to battle Monsterous during Cy-Kill's combiner attack on Quartex. Tail Bone Combiner tail Like the other Fossil Lords, Tail Bone was blackmailed into joining the Renegades until the Guardians saved the day. They appeared again to battle Monsterous during Cy-Kill's combiner attack on Quartex. Fossilsaurus Combiner The awesomely powerful Fossilsaurus is the combined form of all four Rock Lords; a gigantic robotic fossil dinosaur. When merged, Fossilsaurus is an almost unstoppable juggernaut able to easily break apart Courageous. Fossilsaurus is way cooler than any of the dinosaur combiners we got in Transformers. Ulna Young daughter of Jaw Bone, Ulna was abducted by the Renegades in an attempt to bend Fossilsaurus to the Renegade cause, but Leader-1 and Turbo rescued her, dashing Cy-Kill's hopes of having Fossilsaurus on his side. Ulna is an original, non-toy character created for "Renegade Rhetoric". Rock Roller As a Shock Rock, Rock Roller transforms into a free-rolling rock. He accompanied Boulder and Solitaire on a diplomatic visit to Gobotron, where he was framed by Cy-Kill and Bug Bite. Evil Rock Lords Name Alternate mode Profile Other notes Magmar Igneous rock The evil Magmar will stop at nothing to crush Boulder and his granite do-gooders! He considers himself to be a cunning and clever leader, although Cy-Kill considers him to be a bit dim. Cy-Kill is... more or less his ally. Sort of. Well, let's be honest, Cy-Kill thinks the dude's a loser. This didn't stop him from managing to take control of the ancient Tumbler Tower to control Quartex's plate tectonics. The final battle on Quartex saw Cy-Kill and Magmar team up, but their alliance quickly went south, leading to Cy-Kill's apparent death in a pool of lava. Much like Boulder, he and his evil Rock Lords stood in for the Junkions in the amalgam reality. Tombstone Quartz A savage warrior, Tombstone will cry when he's done smashing the opposition to bits. Magmar's right-hand rock, he was guarding Squirt's cell when his prisoner tricked him into escaping. His name is pretty badass. Sticks 'N Stones Coal and magnetite The two-headed Sticks 'N Stones is constantly bickering... with himself. Although they(?) serve as scouts for Magmar, they're not particularly good at it. When Magmar's gang was captured at the end of the war, both heads tried to incriminate the other! For his lone appearance in Battle of the Rock Lords, Sticks 'N Stones was voiced by both Frank Welker and Peter Cullen. How awesome is that?! Stoneheart Slate Stoneheart is a crafty sort of Rock Lord, but that doesn't stop him from fighting fearlessly on the front lines. On one notable adventure, he teamed up with Stone Hook and Rock Shot to kidnap Ned Dilettante. Although he put up a good fight, he was ultimately trampled by a herd of narlirhinos unleashed by Crackpot. Brimstone Whaddya think? At the end of the war, Brimstone and Tombstone both tried to take Cy-Kill hostage after he mouthed off to Magmar. It didn't work out. Slimestone Silver Slimestone is, according to Cy-Kill, a shameless sleaze. He wound up chasing Squirt and Marbles after the RoGuns came to Quartex; although Sticks N' Stones took care of Squirt, Slimestone wasn't so lucky when it came to capturing Marbles. Stone Hook Obsidian Stone Hook isn't very bright. Nonetheless, he, Rock Shot, and Stoneheart all teamed up to try and abduct Ned Dilettante, using Magmar's personal chariot. Stone Hook got confused and kidnapped Nick instead of Ned. Oops. Stone Hook didn't appear in Battle of the Rock Lords. Rock Shot Bauxite Rock Shot will bludgeon just about everybody he wants. During his attempt to crash Ned Dilettante's concert, he kidnapped the rest of the band and beat up Turbo and Scratch wit his mace. Rock Shot didn't appear in Battle of the Rock Lords. Sabrestone Garnet Sabrestone likes to hang out with her buddy Spearhead. Together, they ambushed Marble during his adventure with the Ro-Guns, but were ultimately defeated by his commandeered Rock Pot. As part of Magmar's ultimate plan, Sabrestone and Spearhead herded a duo of Rockasaurs to attack UNECOM. Sabrestone is the only evil female Rock Lord. Spearhead Kyanite Spearhead is a bit of a dunce, but at least he has Sabrestone to help him out. Together, they ambushed Marble during his adventure with the Ro-Guns, but were ultimately defeated by his commandeered Rock Pot. As part of Magmar's ultimate plan, Spearhead and Sabrestone herded a duo of Rockasaurs to attack UNECOM. Rockasaurs Name Alternate mode Profile Other notes Terra-Rocs Basanite The Terra-Rocs inhabit the Foidolite Forest. They have a reputation for being fearsome, but they can apparently be tamed by sentient beings. One menaced Crackpot, but was persuaded to leave after Crackpot offered him some food. When Earth, Quartex, and Gobotron were about to negotiate peace, Magmar herded some Rockasaurs to attack a UNECOM shuttle as a distraction. In the amalgam reality, a Terra-Roc accompanied Kup and Boulder's charge on the evil Rock Lords. Spikestones Tachylyte The Spikestones are wild and largely untameable. One menaced Shotgun and Pistol when they tried to investigate a cave-in, but was driven off by Boulder before it could do any real harm. In the amalgam reality a Spikestone accompanied Kup and Boulder's charge on the evil Rock Lords. Notes The Rock Lords began as a one-off homage to Tonka's GoBots' spinoff toyline the Rock Lords (tagline: Powerful Living Rocks!), which appeared in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords and came from the planet Quartex. Actual Tonka Rock Lords characters Nuggit, Brimstone, Boulder, Granite, and Spearhead make Easter egg appearances as crowd-filling NAILs in IDW's Robots in Disguise #4. The The AllSpark Almanac II retconned in that the GoBots were their universe's Transformers, with Gobotron as a form of Primus. This would presumably make these Rock Lords those Rock Lords as well! Hasbro franchise Robotix (also retconned into being versions of Transformers) also had transforming rock creatures and in 2015 Fun Publications' "Ask Vector Prime" explicitly made them the same Rock Lords! See what happens when you let fans run the asylum?Retrieved from "" Categories: Alien speciesAnimated speciesEnergon franchiseGoBots franchiseRobotix

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