transformer Silver

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transformer Silver

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    The name or term "Windblade" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Windblade (disambiguation).Silver is an Autobird from the Angry Birds Transformers continuity. It's no use!The prank-playing peregrine Silver is a fairly new addition to the Flock, a bird who was actually raised by the Bad Piggies! But now that she's been returned to her feathered brethren, she's up for knocking the pigs around (even if she feels a little bit bad for the hapless Minion Pigs. A very little bit).Thanks to the Allspark landing on Piggy Island, Silver has become Windblade Bird, granted the fast-flying powers of the Autobot Windblade. As the only Autobird who can fly (at least, without needing to be hurled from a slingshot), Silver's ready to clean up the island and take on the Eggbot army!Contents1 Games1.1 Angry Birds Transformers1.1.1 As Windblade1.1.2 As Energon Windblade2 Notes Games Angry Birds Transformers As WindbladeSquad: ValkyriesMission Type: InvestigatorUnlock Type: Challenge Event (4000 Tokens)Windblade Bird is a "speedster" character, not as blindingly fast as Bumblebee but on-par with the likes of Jazz or Starscream. She fires a trio of anti-gravity electric bolts in rapid succession (with a suitable-for-her-species low swoop to their flight) that are not terribly strong individually, but move with incredible speed and sends single targets flying seconds after impact, plus she has a short reload time. Objects in the far distance may need to be aimed with a "press and hold" technique, as the low arc of the blasts might hit the ground if left to the auto-aim.Windblade could only be unlocked as a playable character through timed Challenge Events. The first was "Enter the Silverbird", and is one of the common characters to appear in several subsequent events. Accessory Body Part Gem Cost Rating EffectMetroplexHead2000 Tokens *** +20% DefenseCrownHead900 *** +10 Explosive ForceBaseball CapHead25 * +5% Vehicle TimeHeadphonesHead25 * +5% DamageSunglassesFace25 * +5% Transform PowerTridentArms750 ** +20% Vehicle TimeSwordsBack1000 ***Incendiary Rounds As Energon WindbladeSquad: EnergizedMission Type: InvestigatorUnlock Type: Challenge Event (10000 Tokens)Windblades gets an Energon upgrade and a significantly upgraded weapon. She fires three electric bolts at once that have more splash damage. Equipping her sword accessories is a real game-changer, as it grants her EMP projectiles that can stun all non-boss enemies!She first appeared in the first event going into September 2017, "Energized". Accessory Body Part Gem Cost Rating EffectMetroplexHead1000 *** +20% DefenseTridentArms600 ** +10% DamageSwordsBack700 ***EMP RoundsPipesHead1000 *** +10% Fire RateThe update that preceded this event now allows accessories to be upgraded, and the gem costs for some of them have been tweakedThe Game Full of Death and Suffering...!This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.Someone else other than one person please update his. Please. Notes Silver and Windblade have some interesting similarities:Both are recent major female additions to their overwhelmingly-male casts. Windblade of course hit in late 2014 as the result of a fan-vote, where Silver was the big addition to the Flock in 2015's Angry Birds 2.Both are characters who can trace their lineage to their current teams, but were raised elsewhere. Windblade hails from the Cybertronian colony world of Caminus, while Silver hatched from a stolen egg and was raised by Pigs. Despite being an Autobird, Windblade Bird uses Deceptihog Materials to upgrade. A nod to Silver's Piggie upbringing? Windblade Bird also re-uses a few Minion-Pig-as-jet-characters animations, notably her "eager anticipation" idle when waiting inside Astrotrain for the score tallies.Unlike the other characters, Windblade Bird does not undergo any physical changes when upgraded.As of a March 2017 update, Windblade's thanking animations have been partially swapped: When Windblade thanks other buddies, both Autobirds and Deceptihogs treat her as a Deceptihog! But she's treated as normal when other bots thank Windblade.Retrieved from "" Categories: Character stubs missing video gamesAutobirdsFemale Transformers

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