transformer Bomb-Burst (G1)

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transformer Bomb-Burst (G1)

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    This article is about the Pretender from Generation 1. For the Power Core Combiner, see Bomb-Burst (PCC).This article is about the American Pretender. For his Japanese counterpart from Super-God Masterforce, see Blood.Bomb-Burst is a Decepticon Pretender from the Generation 1 continuity family. I never drink... oil.There are legends on many worlds of unnatural predators, monsters who hunt in the darkness, sucking the life from any unfortunate victims to cross their path. Bomb-Burst is that dark legend given life. A figure of Cybertronian myth, Bomb-Burst is all too real and all too terrifying. He hunts Autobots alone and in perfect silence, picking them off one at a time, snatching them away to the shadows and then draining all the energy from their bodies through his specially designed fangs. Sometimes the victim is found, drained, dead, and mangled the next morning; sometimes they simply vanish, never to be seen again.Bomb-Burst's hovercraft mode can move in near silence and features dual lasers that he can also wield as a robot, but he is at his most deadly inside his monstrous Pretender shell. The shell's touch causes a rust-rash on contact and it features serrated fangs to punch through a victim's armor. The more energon Bomb-Burst drains, the stronger he becomes. His shell wields a corrosive slime shooter and a dual-bladed energo-battle axe.[1]Bomb-Burst cannot relate socially to most other Decepticons. He is at heart not a soldier in a war, after all, but a lone predator in the night. Powerful and intelligent, he excels at this. He is not invulnerable, however; his shell is highly energy-inefficient, requiring him to drain large numbers of victims, and his optics are very sensitive to light. Yet as a creature of the night, Bomb-Burst is unsurpassed. Contents1 Fiction1.1 Marvel Comics continuity1.1.1 Marvel The Transformers comics1.1.2 Transformers Comic-Magazin1.2 IDW Generation 1 continuity2 Commercial appearances3 Toys3.1 Generation 13.2 Generations4 Notes4.1 Foreign names5 References Fiction Marvel Comics continuity Marvel The Transformers comicsEvents from the UK-only comic stories are in italics. Bomb-Burst is the one labeled "Bomb-Burst".After commandeering a genetics research lab on Earth, Scorponok was able to recreate and perfect the science of Pretender shells using synthoplasmic chambers constructed by him and Vorath. Bomb-Burst was one of six Decepticon volunteers transformed by the process into new Pretenders. But soon after the process was completed, the Decepticons took notice of someone infiltrating their computer systems. After tracing the intruder to Alternate Reality, Inc., Scorponok sent out his newly recreated troops to test their might against the spies. But, having gained access to the Pretender process themselves, the Autobots were able to manufacture heroic counterparts to Scorponok's goons. The Autobots' tactician proved too cunning for the Decepticons, and Bomb-Burst and his kin were soon driven back. Pretender to the Throne! Bomb-Burst once accompanied Iguanus and Skullgrin to an offshore oil rig, hoping to steal fuel from the fleshlings and change it into energon using their converter device. They were interrupted by three Autobot Pretenders, and a battle erupted. When an observing human radio plane was clipped by a laser blast, Cloudburst convinced Bomb-Burst to help him bring it into a safe landing, otherwise it would crash into the rig and ignite the oil, destroying them all. While they were busy, though, Landmine and Splashdown defeated the other Decepticons, leaving Bomb-Burst alone to face the Autobot trio. Grudgingly, he surrendered. The Chain Gang! Never feed him after midnight.Bomb-Burst continued making regular appearances with Scorponok's army. In the Decepticon Civil War, he feasted on Soundwave's internal fuel pump before moving on to bigger fish like the other Decepticons' leader, Ratbat. Unfortunately for Bomb-Burst's meal, actual "bigger fish" arrived just then, as the Seacons broke through the ice in order to save their commander from his fangs. Despite the interference, Bomb-Burst continued attacking Ratbat. He ceased when Ratbat noticed Starscream flying off to steal Scorponok's ship. Cold War! Soon after, Bomb-Burst and his fellow Pretenders proved to be the first Transformers to encounter the Underbase-empowered Starscream and survive, protected by their syntho-plasmic outer shells. Dark Star Bomb-Burst tried to fight out of his price grouping.After Scorponok's troops established a new base, Scorponok tasked the Pretenders with specific duties in his plot to gather energy. Bomb-Burst and Bugly were to fly Iguanus to safety after he installed the electrostator. When the appointed time came, Iguanus failed to secure the electrostator's location, instead being struck by lightning and falling to the ground. Bomb-Burst and Bugly wrote him off, electing to retreat instead of saving their comrade. King Con!Bomb-Burst was among the Decepticons that accompanied Scorponok to the MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, in response to a distress call from the Air Strike Patrol. Optimus Prime punched him into a building near some fleeing humans, prompting Bomb-Burst to wonder, hey, what happened to the Autobots being all like "We don't harm humans"? Optimus Prime reflected that he was right, and resolved to end the battle peacefully. The Resurrection Gambit! Don't get him wet.Later, Bomb-Burst was present at the New Jersey base as the Autobots surrendered themselves to Scorponok's Decepticons, as a prelude to talks and an alliance against the coming of Unicron. Bomb-Burst was pretty happy about the whole situation, gleefully relieving Highbrow of his gun while his shell took away Cloudburst's Pretender shell. Later, he came to Scorponok's aid when Optimus Prime broke out of his holding cell. He glared rather unhappily as his leader prepared to shake hands with the Autobot leader in agreement to an alliance. The onset of an attack by Shockwave and Starscream interrupted the moment. Surrender! He looks so nice...Bomb-Burst was among the many Earth-bound Transformers teleported from Earth to Cybertron by the newly-awakened Primus, and heard the Primus-possessed Emirate Xaaron give a grand speech about the Transformers' destiny. The Void! During the subsequent planet-wide battle against Unicron, Bomb-Burst met his own personal destiny. Bomb-Burst's Pretender shell was repositioning some artillery with the Autobot Hardhead when Unicron's foot came down on them, crushing the two flat. On the Edge of Extinction! ...we killed him twice.Bomb-Burst's jet mode was crashed and wrecked among the various deactivated warriors. So he was doubly dead. Still Life! Transformers Comic-MagazinBomb-Burst was present when the Decepticons unleashed a robotic hell-beast known as 'King Con' on New York; however Optimus Prime rented a helicopter to fly a banner announcing huge raw oil deposit finds in the Rocky Mountains. After a short hesitation, the Decepticons retreated to pursue these findings. New York — A City Sinking in TerrorWhen the Decepticons stole nuclear missiles, the Autobots sent their Classic Pretenders to infiltrate the Decepticon base. The aftermath of the ensuing battle had Bomb-Burst, Dreadwind, and Darkwing take their fallen teammates and retreat. Megatron's Ultimatum At another point, Bomb-Burst, Skullgrin, and Submarauder attempted to stop the Race Car Patrol and the Off Road Patrol from joining a mission to stop Decepticons from gathering spilled oil in Alaska, but they failed in this task. Headmaster of the Dimensions The trio were also part of a wave of Decepticon attacks on oil refineries, but their raid was cut short when the Autobot Pretenders chased them into an ambush by other Autobots. He Who Laughs Last ...When the Decepticons sought to steal plutonium rods from a human submarine, Bomb-Burst attempted to attack the freighter ship that was receiving the radioactive cargo. A defense from the Autobots got the Decepticons to surrender. The Energon Trap Bomb-Burst, among others, was discussed as part of simulation accidentally triggered by Goldbug. Memories of Bumblebee IDW Generation 1 continuity Not the first time they've tangled.Bomb-Burst was a member of a cult-like group, led by Bludgeon, that worshipped the lifeless chassis of Thunderwing on the ruined planet of Cybertron, and planned to revive him as a harbinger of purifying apocalypse. To do this, Bludgeon, Bomb-Burst and Iguanus traveled to Earth to recover some of the Regenesis ore located there. When the group was confronted by the spying Soundwave, Bomb-Burst joined in the counter-attack, but got a stomach full of mini-missiles from Soundwave's shoulder cannon. He survived to join the others as they escaped by orbital jump. Spotlight: Soundwave Keep him out of bright light.Twenty years later, the team continued their efforts to revive Thunderwing and to construct their own Pretender shells. They ambushed Jetfire, Scattershot, Lightspeed, and Strafe, capturing them and taking them to their subterranean base. They used the three Technobots as "raw materials" to construct their Pretender shells. Stormbringer #1 At Bludgeon's urging, Bomb-Burst and Iguanus activated Thunderwing's remote-controlled carcass, sending him to Nebulos. Stormbringer #2 However, before their plans could be realized, Optimus Prime and the Wreckers invaded their base. In the brief battle that ensued, Bomb-Burst and Skullgrin were blown away by one of Springer's grenades. Stormbringer #3 Commercial appearancesShortly after the Autobots developed Pretenders, the Decepticons learned to duplicate the process. Their own foray into this technology yielded Bomb-Burst, Skullgrin and Submarauder. The Decepticon Pretenders forced their way into the Autobot research lab that birthed their heroic counterparts, where they proved just as capable of splitting from the shells to fight on two fronts each. Bomb-Burst faced off against Cloudburst in the ensuing fight. Pretenders commercial Toys Generation 1 No, I'm the other guy.Bomb-Burst (Pretender, 1988)Accessories: Pretender shell, left & right shoulder pads, belt, 2 wing/lasers, armor-piercing battle axeBomb-Burst transforms into a Cybertronic jet with VTOL turbines. His twin rifles form "wings" in this mode. In robot mode, like many other Pretender inner robots, he is a fairly generic robot with decent articulation for the period. In this mode, his rifles are arm-mounted blasters.His outer Pretender Shell is a vampiric bat-humanoid with enlarged ears. It is also equipped with a belt and bat-winged shoulder pads. It can hold the inner robot's guns using the larger (5mm) pegs on the rifle-butts. The two guns can also combine to form a corrosive slime shooter for the shell's use.This toy was released in Japan without changes as Blood.More information on Bomb-Burst at GenerationsMegatronus (Prime Master, 2018)Collect them all!This character article is a stub and is missing information on their toys & merchandise. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available. Notes "Shirtless Bomb-Burst" was not a popular variant.The 1988 North American catalog depicts Bomb-Burst's shell with alternate paint deco, coloring his torso armor as his pectorals and stomach. He's also wielding a grey version of Submarauder's sword instead of his axe and somebody else's rifle.In the German Transformers Comic-Magazin text stories, Bomb-Burst is consistently called Bombursi.One of Meltdown's experiments bears a remarkable (if somewhat more twisted) resemblance to Bomb-Burst's Pretender shell and appears in the Animated episodes "Survival of the Fittest" and "Black Friday". Foreign namesFrench: Explosion (Canada)German: Bombursi (Condor Verlag comics)Italian: Lobos References↑ Bomb-Burst is armed with an "energo-battle axe", from his profile in More than Meets the Eye #1.Retrieved from "" Categories: Character stubs missing toysUpcoming toy releasesGeneration 1 DecepticonsIDW Generation 1 DecepticonsPower of the PrimesPretendersVampires

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